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Blasian and Proud

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Blasian Sites/groups

Here are some websites/groups/links that i have come across before that have to do with Blasians...African Americans and Asians coming together...interracial dating, etc..if u know of any more dont forget to email us at

  • "Blasian" a site for African-Americans and Asians
  • "Blasian World" an active forum about bringing Blacks and Asians together
  • "AAAUnity" African and Asian American Unity between the cultures


"Asian & Black Conection" a myspace group

"Black and Asian Perswazion" a Myspace group

"Im Blasian & Proud" a myspace group

"Blasian Beauties" a myspace group

"Fine A.. Black and Asian peeps" a myspace group

A Place For Mixed Black/Asians to Come Together