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Blasian and Proud

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~About the Site~

   The reason why i decided to create this site was because of the lack of representation of people of mixed black and asian descent. Growing up I always wanted to see people who looked like me ("chinky" eyes and brown skin) and who could identify with some of the same things that i could (being both Asian and Black). So now i decided to try to create a place where "Blasians" regardless of what Asian background could come together, discuss issues, and keep each other informed on other Blasians in the media.
   Although I am no web designer as you might can tell, I hope that one day Blasian and Proud could turn into a real site. Please bare with me as i try to update and learn more about html, to make this site a better place. I am not at all experienced in building websites, but i have good intentions. Until then i will try my hardest to keep everyone updated on issues and etc. on Blasians. If anybody has any ideas, comments, suggestions, or want to submit anything please dont hesitate at all to email me. This is a place for us all.

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A Place For Mixed Black/Asians to Come Together